Amnesty International & Pinton & Peter Sis - Pinton
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A creation from the Ateliers Pinton was unveiled in New York on the 29th of July this year.  Seven metres long and three metres wide, this immense Peter Sis tapestry imagines Manhattan as a giant yellow submarine – a nod to the famous Beatles song.  John Lennon is depicted piloting the submarine, brandishing a “V” peace sign at the Statue of Liberty.

This tapestry has been woven as a sign of recognition to Yoko Ono by Amnesty International, in memory of her late husband.  In 2004, Yoko Ono offered them the use of Imagine for a promotional video, and the opportunity to recover the royalties from Lennon’s last songs.

This gift coincided with an important date in the life of the singer.  Forty years before, he was issued his Green Card, enabling him to remain on American soil until the end of his long legal battle.

The project was financed by Bono and Edge from U2, and a number of other artists including John Legend, Peter Gabriel and Sting.

The tapestry will be exhibited at the National Immigration Museum on Ellis Island, not far from that other masterpiece of French skill and expertise, the Statue of Liberty.