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Exhibit G.I. Initials

05 Jan Exhibit G.I. Initials

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G.I. Initials : Geographical indications exhibit at INPI

until January 20th, 2020

“Until 20 January 2020, come and discover the treasures of the exhibition, “G.I. Initials : geographical indications exhibit at INPI”. Three years after the ratification of the first geographical indication for the manufactured products, the INPI and its communications department wanted to review these first 8 ratified GIs, through an exhibition organised in Courbevoie in the Île-de-France premises of the INPI which PINTON is proud to be a part of.”

Siège francilien de l’INPI :
15 rue des Minimes,
92400 Courbevoie

Photo credits ©INPI