Pinton creates custom-made carpets using a variety of techniques, such as knot-pile, hand-tufting and woven pile. The factory guarantees the highest quality and the finest expertise, ensuring the perfect result according to your budget and your requests.


We have been producing fine carpets since 1867, including series of rare col- lector’s editions, created according to the Aubusson tapestry traditions. From Calder to Othoniel, Pinton has always at the front line of each artistic move- ment.


From monochrome carpets to the most intricate patterns, whether hand-tufted or mechanically woven, we create carpets to meet any kind of request.

“We have been crafting exceptional carpets and magnificent wall-hanging ta- pestries for almost 150 years.

Using techniques handed down through the generations, our family com- pany is proud to perpetuate the glory and renown of French expertise in a field which has, through countless masterpieces, helped set the pace for art throughout history.

As a defender of this priceless heritage, it is our duty to remain at the forefront of each new artistic movement and keep pace with the cutting edge of technology.”