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PINTON x Victor Cadene

18 Feb PINTON x Victor Cadene

PINTON x Victor Cadene

Discover Victor Cadene

May 2020, Milano

At PINTON we are delighted to announce our very first collaboration with Victor Cadene, with the creation of two rugs from two of the artist’s original designs. The rugs will be unveiled in May at the “Palermo Uno” gallery in Milan as part of the Furniture Fair.
24-year-old artist-interior designer Victor Cadene is in constant search of inexpressible harmony. In his paper scenarios, he creates miniature, baroque worlds. Every detail is designed by hand before being cut with a scalpel then refined, modified, positioned, glued and given a final adjustment to achieve the perfection of the moment. The design then becomes a template, coming to life in decorative formats; it is transformed into wallpaper, fabric and dreamlike scenarios.

Palermouno Gallery,
Milano, Italy