The Maison Pinton:THE ART AND THE MATERIAL - Pinton
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“For more than 150 years, we have constantly sought the best way to interpret a work of art.”» 

Sylvie Lapierre

PINTON’s certified excellence is due to the expertise, unique in France, of the craftsmen at our Felletin workshops. Following in Aubusson’s ancestral tradition, the cartoon designer – the ingenious master craftswoman – and her team of weaving virtuosos work closely with the designers to produce exceptional works using their low-warp-looms. In the past, they helped to promote many artists such as Calder, Delaunay and Le Corbusier, and more recently Enzo Cucchi, Joe Tilson and Etel Adnan, thereby insuring the prestige of PINTON. This manual skill, this harmony between the eye of the designer, the hand of the craftsman and the materials pervades every PINTON creation.