Center Point

Interior designer
Spinocchia Freund
London (UK)

rugs designed by
Brigitta Spinocchia Freund

Photo © Kate Martin

Dating back to the 60s, the Center Point building towers over London’s legendary Camden Town. Over more than 700 sq. meters at the top of the tower is a duplex decorated by Brigitta Spinocchia Freund and her interior design company, Spinocchia Freund. It includes several living rooms, a spacious bar, a projection room, a restaurant, a music studio and even a tasting room. In this exceptional spot, Brigitta Spinocchia Freund aimed at highlighting the brutalist style of this historic skyscraper as well as the alternative atmosphere and everyday life of the neighbourhood.

In order to achieve this, she collaborated with several prestigious brands to create bespoke materials and furniture. She therefore asked PINTON to create two carpets she had designed. The first one, destined to the entrance, is composed of two elements made of wool, silk and metallic threads, in five different hues. The curves, strewn with sparkles, recall the elegance of marble. The other carpet, laid out in the projection room, is made of reflective threads that trace, on a Midnight blue background, an art-deco pattern inspired by the movie poster for Fritz Lang’s « Metropolis ».