Flat 4.3

Interior design

Living room Lodha Group

Hall & Library 1508 London

London (UK)

Photos © Billy Bolton

The latest PINTON collaboration is taking us to the heart of the British capital. To create this London flat offering outstanding volumes, the Lodha Group, a specialist residential property developer, partnered with architecture and interior design studio London 1508. Both firms turned to the Felletin manufacture to create the rugs that would embellish the living room, entrance hall and library. They designed two patterns each, to be woven in the PINTON workshops as unique pieces made especially for this extraordinary space, showcasing made-to-measure furniture and rare antique artefacts.

Mindful of geography as well as history, both British companies paid particular care to each stage of the development, from the structural work to the finishes. They also called on the PINTON expertise for the heavy traffic areas, for which they selected the Grigri patterned rugs whose blend of Tencel and wool offers good resistance.