margaux keller collections

design by Margaux Keller
hand-tufted by PINTON
available on

Photo © L. Melone

Margaux Keller is a french designer and interior architect. She has her own design brand Margaux Keller Collections in partnership with Anaïs Fretigny.

Margaux Keller is one of those who believe that today design is no longer confined to a binary system of “functionality & aesthetics” but that there is and should be a third dimension to the conceptualization of an Object in the broadest sense of the term or of a space: emotion. Her work is often described as poetic and sensitive, which is in line with the need for Margaux Keller to arouse emotion through her design: to make people smile, to work on the collective memory, like a Proust’s madeleine.

Elegance and poetry are her three watchwords as illustrated by “Bisou”: a majestic and graphic carpet whose curves intermingle in a warm colored harmony specific to the designer.