Alcova 2022

Evolution Collection
by Polcha Paris at Alcova

05/06/22 — 12/06/22

Milan Design Week 2022
Alcova Gallery
Via Simone Saint Bon 1
Milano (Italy)

Photos © Mattia Parodi

The PINTON archives are a precious resource from both a historical and artistic point of view. But Charlotte and Pauline, the founders of the Polcha collective, have used them beyond their documentary value. True to their approach of reusing materials to recreate, reinvent and remodel, Polcha used elements or scraps of carpets and tapestries from the PINTON Manufacture collection to create their own tapestry, Evolution 00005. This collaboration between Polcha and PINTON responds to their respective concerns about the environment. During Milan’s Design Week, this tapestry was exhibited by the Alcova network, which takes up its exhibition space in the extraordinary site of Milan’s former military centre. The public was able to discover the entire Evolution furniture collection created by the two young women, as well as the works of other emerging artists and world-renowned designers. This year’s focus was on research and development in the field of materials, technologies and sustainable production.

Evolution 00005, Tapestry
Collaboration with Polcha collective
Assembly of damaged Aubusson tapestry archives

Trompe l’oeil painting and freehand graphics. Composition : Gesso / calcium carbonate with skin glue.
Tempera paint / egg emulsion and pigments.

Hand weaving: Torn fabrics (rolls of fabric from the show world’s stocks).
Hand dyeing / pigment and vegetable fibre (red cabbage, spinach)