Galerie Max Mayer

To obtain, resolve or maintain
Eva Barto et Sophie Bonnet-Pourpet

Galerie Max Mayer
Schmela Haus
Mutter-Ey-Straße 3
40213 Düsseldorf (Allemagne)

Photo © Katja Illner
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Diplomatic gifts are not leisure gifts, they are agents at work.
They result from contentious situations, or provoke them, answer to gift diplomacy maneuvers through apparent polite objects. They intercede as constant negotiators. They are all working. Some details could betray them.
Materials are talking, provenances are talking, labors and morals of the makers are talking, engagements of the partners are talking, distribution models are talking, even energy supply is talking. Falsehood also.

If one makes them talk, their innocence fall and perverts the whole. Values change consequently. Benefits are underlying.
The gallery is entangled in a diplomatic role, to a continuous system of dependence and responsibilities (choosing the informations to disclose, those to hide, repositioning speeches according to the context, using tact, …). Gallery discourses are decisive mechanisms.
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