On Ariadne’s Thread – In Ictum Arianna

On Ariadne’s Thread – In Ictum Arianna
4.11- 4.12. 2022

BPRarts Cultural Management
Multispace of Creativity and Culture
Mattei House, Larnaka, Cyprus

Gothic – Chimeras
by artist Theodoulos Gregoriou
250 x 155 x 75 cm
woollen hand tufting, metal, 3D print
2022 – artist’s collection

Opening on November 4, 19:00.
Opening hours: 09:00-15:00
Sundays closed

Photo © Stefanos Kouratzis

“BPRarts Cultural Management, in the context of promoting the arts in all their thematic and technical spectrum, organises the exhibition On Ariadne’s Thread – In Ictum Arianna : an artistic event that concerns fabric and the Art of weaving as a visual expression.

About Gothic – Chimeras

The stratification of the human presence, as the inevitable part of now, has occupied Theodoulos’s work for a long time. The floor plan removes the third dimension as a concept and reveals the forma mentis of its creators through the geometries and symmetries of the lines – the voids and the fills of technical drawings. Theodoulos chooses the hand-tufting technique to create a tapestry – a meditation that concentrates on the evolution of an iconic work of architecture, power and faith over time.

He reverently places the threads to write the space and weaves his reflections in relation to the strength and weakness of man to create and protect his creations. Notre Dame is an amalgam of architectural interventions, a symbol whose destruction brought to the surface the power of destiny and the limits of man who can only restore, rebuild – imitating his past, against the forces of nature and the weight of history. The tapestry of the prayer monument escapes the two dimensions with the presence of a gargoyle, an otherworldly, stone monster that menacingly warns man and his vanity.”