Cosin Paris

Cosin Paris
Paris (France)

Baba & Opéra rugs
100% wool
by Cosin Paris

Photo © Florian Wattier

Pâtisserie was the primary source of inspiration and artistic direction for this Parisian brand created by two friends sharing the same ambition of offering customisable and sustainable furniture and design objects. Along with their creative approach, Pauline and Victoire were committed to promoting exceptional know-how. It was therefore natural for them to turn to PINTON for the creation of two rugs with gourmet names. The Baba rug, whose design evokes a quintessential French pastry, is hand-tufted and made of pure wool.

The Opéra rug, a tribute to the renowned eponymous cake, is composed of a layer of looped wool that adorns a velvet wool background. Both are characterised by geometric patterns inspired by the Bauhaus and are available in different colours and sizes. From the comfort provided by these rugs to the comfort provided by the pastry: this cooperation is all softness and pleasure!