Saint-James Paris Hôtel

Interior designer
Laura Gonzalez
Paris (France)

Photo © Saint James Paris

The neoclassical building has bared its soul as it embraces modern times, reconciling paradoxes with elegance and a feather-light touch. Grandiose and intimate. Romantic and exclusive. At the heart of Paris and the midst of nature. Upholding culture and resolutely hedonistic. Symbol of classicism and gleefully unconventional. This subtle brew is measured and mixed with talent by one of the style’s reigning alchemists, interior decorator Laura

[Laura Gonzales] juggles different styles and periods with well-practiced ease. For her, the Saint James embodies the iconic Parisian hôtel particulier. Her ambition was to enhance the building’s neoclassic architecture, adding light and subtracting surplus to spotlight the incredible volumes, mouldings and myriad ornamental details. Highlights, such as the magnificent tiling on the ground floor, were left untouched, while she brightened the atmosphere by using light, soft tones ranging from butter to shades of green, yellow, pink and blue… This elegant backdrop gave Laura Gonzalez free rein to play with colours and patterns.

“We have brought the building’s neoclassic architecture to the fore, while adding a gentle, feminine touch. The idea is to make Saint James a timeless Parisian classic which truly reflects French art de vivre”.

The new Saint James invites guests on an amazing journey through time, into a seamlessly stitched patchwork of styles from 19th century Chinese curios to art deco details, from floral art nouveau patterns to Greco-Roman geometric details. Everywhere you look, the ultra-classic architectural bases are tweaked by unexpected eclectic inspirations. A precarious exercise whose success depended on a host of talented French artisans, craftspeople and companies: Maison Pierre Frey, Le Manach, Sofrastyl, Atelier Roma, Manufacture PINTON, Patrice Dangel, Jean Roger Paris, Atelier Escabelle…