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by Maud Louvrier Clerc


TECHNIQUE Hand tufted

SIZE 200 x 200 cm


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Wool is an animal fibre, most often derived from sheep fleece. Wool was already being spun as early as 5,000 BC. In Roman times, wool, leather and linen were the main materials used to make clothes. With the progressive development of mechanical processes and the evolution of breeding techniques, wool became the economic lung of several countries in the Xth century, and again in the XIIth. Renowned for its thermal and sound insulation properties, wool also offers the advantage of absorbing moisture. It is a noble and timeless material, used from time immemorial for its strength and durability. PINTON uses local wool with shorter carded fibres, which make it fluffier and give it more volume, or a specific type of wool from New-Zealand with long combed fibres that are more resistant to heavy traffic. Both types of wool are spun (carded or combed) and dyed in the spinning plant located in Felletin. Whether they are made in 100% pure virgin wool or blended with other materials like linen, silk, bamboo, leather or many others, PINTON wool rugs and carpets bring comfort and quality.

hand tufted

The hand tufting technique is a process combining centuries-old skills and modern weaving tools. The canvas is perfectly stretched over an upright loom and the craftsperson transfers by hand the future design of the rug with the utmost precision. Threads are inserted manually, one by one, working with a gun on the back of the canvas, following the colours, the drawing and the different tuft heights. PINTON was one of the first manufactories to use the gun tufting technique to produce some of its rugs and carpets and is the only French workshop offering very high quality tufted rugs. With this technique, production times are reduced compared to the knotted stitch weave or point noué. Finally, hand tufting offers a large range of possible depths. Carving is the technique that consists in sculpting the wool and creating textures within the woven rug. Since the early 1990s, PINTON has been specialising in the production of hand tufted rugs for which it also collaborates with famous designers and artists.

Maud Louvrier Clerc

Maud Louvrier Clerc Maud Louvrier-Clerc is a visual artist, designer and researcher and teacher in sustainable development strategies. Her main research themes are identity, imprint and interdependence. Her work is regularly presented in solo exhibitions, such as in 2016 at the Villa Savoye for «Oustide, inside», in 2018 at the Château d’Angers with «Climat, la nouvelle Apocalypse?», in 2022 at the Jardin des ifs for «Du Ciel à l’Assiette». Maud Louvrier Clerc also participates in biennials and group exhibitions, such as the International Design Biennial of Saint Etienne in 2015 with «The Senses of Beauty», the Dubai Design Week in 2018 with «How innovation creates history», or «The Consciousness of Water» at the House of Norway in 2022. As part of her research, the visual artist provokes meetings with scientists and entrepreneurs around art and science with the aim of bringing out the possible. In 2012, she realized her first artistic residency at the Institute of desirable futures. In 2014, the artist created the JEMONDE protocol, a poetic and citizen exploration of the Anthropocene integrated into UNESCO’s «Humanities, Art & Society» program, which she has since deployed with numerous partners as L’Occitane en Provence. In 2023, she collaborated with PINTON for her first artist’s rug, a limited edition of 9 pieces. Alan Chan Alice Billaud Alix Waline Anna-Paola Civardi Aurélia Paoli Caroline Magre Chloé Nègre Clémentine Chambon Cyrielle Hanquiez Davide Macullo Elsa Pochat Fanny Rozé Jean Boggio Joséphine Pinton Julie Mathias MapoésieElsa Poux Margaux Keller Collections Nicolas Aubagnac Pierre Gonalons Pinton Sabrina Monte-Carlo Stefania Fileni Stéphanie Mercier Studio Gazelles Thierry Duru UlrikaLiljedahl Victor Cadene