Showroom PINTON

Walking into the Maison PINTON showroom in Paris, one is struck by the light flooding into the first room.

rue du Cherche-Midi.

With high ceilings and huge bay windows opening onto the Rue du Cherche-Midi and the Rue Bérite, the first room of the Paris Showroom is bathed in natural light, exquisitely framing the rugs like as many paintings. The lighting too was designed to show off the pieces hanging on the walls. Simple and elegant furniture gives pride of place to the rugs and tapestries woven by the passionate craftsmen and women who work in the PINTON manufactory. Over time, this first room turned into a real boutique.

Aubusson Tapestries in the Centre of Paris

The second room, like a cocoon, invites to a more intimate relationship with materials…

The simple and chic Napoleon III-inspired furniture, delicately dotted around the first room, is also present in the second. There, it expands into great black lacquer bookcases with pediments adorned with a large gold medallion woven in the Felletin manufactory and containing the PINTON Frères emblem. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the understated style of Henri Samuel, a major decorator in the 1950s to the 1970s, who left his mark all over the world. On the black and gold shelves sample panels can be perused like books. For Joséphine PINTON, decorator, handling these samples, admiring the level of skill and delicacy involved in their making, is a tribute to the summers when, as a child, she would browse through the large bookcases at her grandparents’ and open each book, one by one, in search of treasures…

In the Heart of Maison PINTON

The small plump armchairs and the inviting sofa give the final touch to this intimate setting, encouraging PINTON’s customers to ask for advice, share their thoughts and reflect. Customers who wish to know more about the rugs or tapestries designed by the great artists who collaborated with PINTON, the selection of “take-away” products, the wide range of fitted carpets or the multitude of options for a bespoke project, will receive the full attention and enjoy the expertise of the PINTON team.

rue du Commandant Berreta.

The key idea was to keep the PINTON DNA and transpose it into a Mediterranean setting using the skills of local craftspeople. The main feature of the PINTON showroom in Nice is that it bring in the light that is so specific to the French Riviera to show off the rugs and tapestries in a delicate and soothing setting.

The Colours of the Mediterranean Sea

This single room, nestled behind the famous Negresco hotel, features the familiar bookshelves dear to the heart of decorator Joséphine Pinton. In Nice however, they are made of rattan marquetry, still proudly displaying the woven emblem of the PINTON brothers. Lined up along the blond shelves, sample panels can again be perused like books. The white columns framing the entrance, the ochre-coloured floor, the rattan, the plants and the plump white armchairs conjure up the Mabrouka villa in Tangiers, decorated by Jacques Grange, or the interiors designed by Gabriella Crespi, two of Joséphine PINTON’s sources of inspiration.

Rugs, Tapestries and Materials

The mix of materials used speak to all our senses: the roughness of the rattan, the lustre of the varnished marquetry of the table, the velvety plushness of the armchairs and the floral carvings embellishing the base of the columns. With senses heightened, one derives greater enjoyment from the high quality of the rugs and art tapestries, or samples, showcased. Here, just like in Paris, we focus on highlighting the craftsmanship, the passion for materials and the profound human qualities required to create anything of beauty.

Discover the rugs and tapestries created by the PINTON manufactory in a bright and serene showroom.

Showroom PINTON