by Pinton


MATERIALS Polypropylene

TECHNIQUE Flat weave

SIZE 150 x 200 cm


Available on backorder



Polypropylene is a polymer developed in 1954 and perfected in the 1970s to make it more resistant to the weather and UV rays. In the textile industry, polypropylene in a non-woven material. Although polypropylene is solid and rigid, its structure allows for a lot of stretching and can therefore yield a continuous thread for weaving. Polypropylene is waterproof, easy to wash, stain resistant and lightweight. It is also very resistant to mould and bacteria, as well as to many solvents. Polypropylene is perfectly suited to withstand heat and sunlight, which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture or decoration. Because rugs can also embellish a garden, a swimming pool area, a bathroom or a kitchen, PINTON offers an outdoor Ready-made collection with polypropylene rugs available in different colours.


While the history of PINTON is punctuated with fruitful collaborations and fascinating encounters, it is also marked by the wealth of talents in its midst. For over a decade, a team of 4 creatives coming from diverse backgrounds devote their time to designing rugs and carpets for the PINTON manufactory. Driven by shared curiosity, constant research and dialogue, the team is continually enriching the firm’s collections with new patterns or designs, combinations of materials and colours, as well colour variations. Capturing trends, listening to customers’ wishes, in direct connection with the company’s history and located under the same roof as the craftspeople and the workshops, at the crossroad of the creative and production processes, the PINTON team of designers are at the heart of the business.

flat weave

Flat weave rugs have no pile and very little texture. These rugs are particularly smooth, with simple and geometric patterns that fit in many interiors. Their trademark lightness makes them easy to maintain and means that they are occasionally used as drapes. Their production process also makes them particularly robust and able to withstand heavy traffic. They can be woven in different materials. In its Diffusion line, PINTON offers flat weave rugs displaying original geometric patterns, made in polypropylene in a range of colours. This material is water resistant and can withstand heavy traffic, which makes it ideal for outdoor use, for example, or in rooms like kitchens, entrance halls or bathrooms.