Pietra Dura


by Jean Boggio


MATIÈRE Laine, Bambou

TECHNIQUE Hand tufted

DIMENSIONS 180 x 250 cm

PRIX TTC* 12317,00

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Wool is an animal fibre, most often derived from sheep fleece. Wool was already being spun as early as 5,000 BC. In Roman times, wool, leather and linen were the main materials used to make clothes. With the progressive development of mechanical processes and the evolution of breeding techniques, wool became the economic lung of several countries in the Xth century, and again in the XIIth. Renowned for its thermal and sound insulation properties, wool also offers the advantage of absorbing moisture. It is a noble and timeless material, used from time immemorial for its strength and durability. PINTON uses local wool with shorter carded fibres, which make it fluffier and give it more volume, or a specific type of wool from New-Zealand with long combed fibres that are more resistant to heavy traffic. Both types of wool are spun (carded or combed) and dyed in the spinning plant located in Felletin. Whether they are made in 100% pure virgin wool or blended with other materials like linen, silk, bamboo, leather or many others, PINTON wool rugs and carpets bring comfort and quality.


Bamboo fibre is a recent newcomer in the textile industry. It is made from bamboo paste: part of the bamboo pulp is dissolved to produce a thick liquid called viscose, which is then filtered and extruded through a plate with tiny holes to form continuous threads. Bamboo has a much higher yield than any other natural fibre. The culture of the bamboo plant requires no chemicals and offers a formidable capacity for carbon storage, while producing large quantities of oxygen. In addition to its environmental credentials, bamboo captures moisture and proves very resistant. Finally, it is exceptionally soft and welcoming. In the PINTON Manufacture and PINTON Edition divisions, bamboo has its place in the composition of the rugs to which it lends its unique properties and shine!

Bamboo can be used in loop weave where the continuous thread forms loops on the surface of the rug, or in pile weave where the threads on the surface of the rug are cut. It can also be woven as loop and cut which combines both techniques.


Jean Boggio is a French goldsmith whose reputation expands well beyond his native country’s borders. As a craftsman and contemporary artist, some of his work draws inspiration from his childhood drawings, such as the Château or Architecture rings. Nourished by the tales of Perrault or the One Thousand and One Nights that he used to listen to as a child, Jean Boggio enjoys telling stories through his creations, where dreams and fantasy meet. He also applied himself to the decorative arts, designing wallpapers, furniture, tapestries and glass, ceramic and crystal pieces. He imagined collections for the greatest French houses like Daum, Bacarat or Haviland where he was art director for 4 years. He also works a lot with Asia, especially Taiwan, but it is in the heart of the Beaujolais wine country that he enjoys working, far from urban turmoil, in surroundings more conducive to developing his imagination.

It was natural that such an artist would one day collaborate with PINTON, creating rugs to share his vision and know-how.

hand tufted

The hand tufting technique is a process combining centuries-old skills and modern weaving tools. The canvas is perfectly stretched over an upright loom and the craftsperson transfers by hand the future design of the rug with the utmost precision. Threads are inserted manually, one by one, working with a gun on the back of the canvas, following the colours, the drawing and the different tuft heights. PINTON was one of the first manufactories to use the gun tufting technique to produce some of its rugs and carpets and is the only French workshop offering very high quality tufted rugs. With this technique, production times are reduced compared to the knotted stitch weave or point noué. Finally, hand tufting offers a large range of possible depths. Carving is the technique that consists in sculpting the wool and creating textures within the woven rug. Since the early 1990s, PINTON has been specialising in the production of hand tufted rugs for which it also collaborates with famous designers and artists.