machine tufted

In carpet production, the technique of machine tufting is the only one produced on a pre-existing backing or dossier (reverse). Tufting involves needling the threads into the backing. The materials used in this process are mainly wool and polyamide. To meet the requirements of their expected use, machine-tufted carpets come in different pile weights per square meter. Machine tufting produces a looped pile or velours bouclé, where threads form continuous loops, a cut pile or velours coupé, where the top of the loops is cut to produce a smooth surface and a softer look, or a structured pile or velours structuré, which combines both techniques and gives different textures. Machine tufted carpets can be plain or printed with any pattern and in any colours. Production times for this type of carpets are very short and production costs are lower. Machine tufted carpets are glued on a levelling compound or underlay, or stretched over an underlay but only for limited areas. For laying in a staircase, please contact the PINTON team for information.

A well-maintained carpet is hoovered very regularly, shampooed periodically and deep cleaned by injection/extraction at least once a year, depending on its use.