Wilton weaving can be industrial or traditional. It is produced on wire looms, using steel rods of the same width as the carpet being woven, around which the pile is looped. These rods set the height of the pile and, depending whether they are equipped with a blade or not, the carpet is said to be looped pile or velours bouclé, when the threads form continuous loops, cut pile or velours coupé, when the top of the loops is cut producing a smooth surface and a softer look. This weaving technique can also produce a structured pile or velours structuré, which combines both, giving different textures. To meet the requirements of their expected use, Wilton carpets come in different pile weights per square meter. Only cut pile Wilton carpets may be laid in staircases, for user safety reasons. In addition, patterns are limited to 7 colours. Wilton carpets are made of 100% wool or a wool and polyamide blend. Ideally they will be stretched over a felt or rubber underlay, glued to a rubber underlay or, of course, laid loose. For laying in a staircase, please contact the PINTON team for information.

A well-maintained carpet is hoovered very regularly, shampooed periodically and deep cleaned by injection/extraction at least once a year, depending on its use.