AD Matières d’Art

Ylika &

Design Alexandra Roussopoulos
Studiolab Pinton

No need to present the architecture and design magazine AD, of which each number is all delight and inspiration. Among portraits of architects, designers and interior decorators, stunning photos of interiors and extraordinary places, the content of this magazine is permanently renewed. Demanding, finicky about the quality and the manner, AD is putting the same effort into organising the exhibit “Matières d’Art” that is taking place in September.

The event is held at the Palais d’Iéna that is opening its doors to the public for the “Journées du Patrimoine”. It is the material and furthermore the craftsmen, the artists and the designers that handle and enhance it, that are placed in the limelight for this year’s event. So, hats off to the know-how of these crafts that AD wishes to celebrate and by thus demonstrate that modernity can be linked to traditional techniques. Naturally PINTON is participating in the exhibit and will take the opportunity to unveil the two last rugs made by the mill and designed by artist Alexandra Roussopoulos.