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Textiles I & Textile II
Galerie EAST

26/02 – 02/04 2022
06/03 – 27/03 2022
09/04 – 21.05 2022

Galerie EAST
12 rue du Faubourg de Pierre
67000 Strasbourg (France)

Thursday / Friday / Saturday
2:00 – 6:00 PM

Photos © Emilie Vialet
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Continuing its programme dedicated to the Decorative Arts invested by artists, the EAST gallery presents on the occasion of this three-part exhibition, entitled Textiles, a selection of emblematic pieces summoning key figures in the publishing, production and creation of woven works in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Marie Cuttoli, at the origin of the revival of the carpet and the artist’s tapestry, Charles E. Slatkin, successor of Cuttoli initiating the American part of this revival, and Gloria F. Ross, selvedge and then editor, have all played a major role in the history of the art of the XXth century, through their visions and their proximity to the artists. With this exhibition, the EAST gallery also wanted to put into perspective the techniques and workshops capable of offering artists this exceptional freedom of creation.

One workshop in particular, that of Pinton, is presented through 6 major works woven between the 1970s and today. In their emblematic workshops in Felletin, Pinton continues more than ever to welcome the greatest international names in contemporary art and to make these techniques as current as ever. Two parts of this exhibition were presented at the EAST gallery. The third part of the exhibition took place at the Fernet-Branca Foundation in Saint Louis (68) last March.

Tapestries & rugs by PINTON :
Alexander LIBERMAN