Gérard Faivre – rue Bonaparte

Interior designer :
Gérard Faivre


Tapis Chlorophylle
designed by PINTON

Photos © Mathieu Fiol

Interior designer Gérard Faivre selects the best craftsmen and companies to create ready-to-live-in apartments and residences for his discerning international clientele. Drawing on the history of the places he invests in, he skilfully combines inspirations from the past with elements of modern comfort, combined with contemporary art, of which he is a connoisseur. In this apartment on Rue Bonaparte, Gérard Faivre has chosen several models from PINTON.

Seasoned in combining tradition and modernity, the house installed two rugs in the living room, whose round shape and contemporary inserts match the current furniture. The carpets are in shades of blue, reminiscent of the emblematic tones of the Second Empire period, when the building housing the apartment was built. In this way, the Fellet-based company adds its signature to the prestigious ensemble of this exclusive décor.