M|A|G Designs | Quai aux fleurs

Interior designer
Mathilde Grouvel
Paris (France)

Tapis Dahlia
Design by PINTON

Photo © MAG Designs
Mathilde Grouvel

So much light! So much grace for this carpet designed by PINTON, chosen by interior designer Mathilde Grouvel to cover the floor of the apartment whose owner entrusted her with the decoration project! The MAG designs agency she runs regularly collaborates with the Aubusson carpet and tapestry company. In the enfilade living room of this apartment on the Quai aux Fleurs in Paris, the carpet from the Haute-Couture collection,

adorns the herringbone parquet with a soft luminosity. The blend of silk and wool invites quietude. The metallic thread inserts that line the carpet are an elegant reminder of the gold and blue accents that punctuate the various spaces. Objects, fabrics, frames – nothing is left to chance in this harmonious ensemble, where PINTON expertise once again takes pride of place, with all the allure that characterizes it!