Moissonnier Showroom

Showroom Moissonnier
37 rue de Beaune,
Paris (France)

Architecture : Agence Véronique Cotrel
Scenography : Virginie Duboscq

Photos © Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

At 37 rue de Beaune, Moissonnier inaugurates its brand new 180 square metre showroom. This new space is the concrete expression of the dynamics that have been driving the company for almost a year under the impetus of Christophe Martin. New avenues are explored, the collections are reinvented… and we always find the mix of colours and styles that make Moissonnier.

On the floor of the dining area, Millefleurs and Amazonia II, two rugs signed by PINTON, respond to the luxuriant vegetation arranged on either side of a majestic library woodwork. Jacquard fabrics from the Verdures Collection cover emblematic pieces of furniture, including a Louis XVI sofa in bright colours.

Moissonnier breaks the rules and reinterprets the 18th century style with opulent fabrics and a keen sense of luxury. A little further on, it is the Séduction model designed by Pierre Gonalons that is shown with two Regency chairs revisited by Moissonnier with great elegance in a more intimate club-like atmosphere.
A successful mix & match that sets the tone for this address: a cultured spirit, a touch irreverent.