lookJoe Tilson
255 x 255 cm, 3 copies

The PINTON mill adds a priceless value to these art pieces since it offers centuries-old know-how to the artists and their work.

Creation and know-how: Four-handed Works of Art

SANS TITRE — Enzo Cucchi

sans-titre — Enzo Cucchi
342 x 266 cm, 3 copies

Maison PINTON adds tremendous value to these artworks by putting its own centuries-old know-how to the service of the piece and its author. In a sort of common choreography, the hand of the craftsperson follows the artist’s, the climax being reached when the combined work of art falls off the loom revealing itself to the eyes of both the author and the weaver. Art tapestries are signed by the artist and marked by PINTON, which is labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” or Living Heritage Company, guaranteeing the highest quality. They are numbered and limited to a maximum of eight copies. While some are exhibited in galleries, museums or famous contemporary art fairs, other are laid in institutional environments. For example, The Musicians by Fernando Botero can be seen in the Bogota airport, or Flying Man by Peter Sìs, une was a special order from Amnesty International now displayed in the European Parliament. These two monumental pieces, among others, bring recognition to the PINTON name worldwide.


Aubusson Tapestries as Modern Art

In the middle of the XXth century, Maison PINTON helped establish modern tapestry through partnerships with artists such as Le Corbusier, Fernand Léger, Marc Chagall or Sonia Delaunay who used to say: “There is no difference between my paintings and my so-called decorative work.” At that time tapestry was a recognised and popular art form before being met with relative indifference some years later, as it conjured up a slightly old-fashioned atmosphere. It was seen as an artefact belonging to a bygone world and rarely as a means of expression for contemporary artists.

Continuing a Unique History

Breakaway — Lionel Jadot

breakaway — Lionel Jadot
300 x 148 cm, 1 copy

The arrival of Lucas PINTON at the helm of Maison PINTON reinvigorated the art tapestries produced by the Édition division. Today’s cartoons are signed by contemporary artists, waking tapestry from its slumber. These cartoons, representing the artwork to be woven, are painted and drawn but can also be created based on photographs or computer generated images. Modern materials open up new pathways for experimentation. Artists from diverse backgrounds contribute to expand these areas of exploration and creation. PINTON is proud of its exceptional catalogue that includes names such as Etel Adnan, Enzo Cucchi, David Tremlett, David Weeks and many more.
This is without mentioning the great artists of the past who are making a comeback, confirming PINTON’s status on the art market.

Detail and back of the dopo tutto tapestry — Giulio Paolini
180 x 120 cm, 3 copies
photo © galleria Antonio Verolino

tapisserie dopo tutto en cours
sur métier de basse lisse — Giulio Paolini
180 x 120 cm, 3 copies
photo © pinton