Domaine des étangs

Interior designer
Isabelle Stanislas
Paris (France)

Photo © Olivier Löser

In the heart of the Charente region, surrounded by ponds, forests and grazing land, the Domaine des Étangs stretches out over more than 1000 hectares. The 13th century Castle was turned into a five-star hotel, with an interior design by Isabelle Stanislas. A tribute to serenity and nature, the Domaine des Étangs is devoted to the senses and to indulgence into slow time. The rooms and suites have been named after a selection of stars, and the themes defined accordingly. Each one of the living rooms is marked by a perfect balance between the history of the place and modern comfort.

This echoes PINTON’s approach and Isabelle Stanislas, having already collaborated with the mill, has chosen several rugs from the in-house collection. Selected mostly in shades of light grey, these highlight the noble materials of the Château’s architecture, enhance the luminous spaces and add their softness to the harmonious ambience of this exceptional place.